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1)            51180-YQ2A-0100             Headset Assy. (Steel)

2)            51181-YQ2A-0100             Upper Headset Assy. (Steel)

3)            51182-YQ2A-0100             Lower Headset Assy. (Steel)

4)            51184-YQ2A-0100             Split Snap Ring

5)            51185-YQ2A-0100             Headset Decoration Screw Kit together with the headset

6)            51183-YQ2A-0100             Handle Bar Stem Lock Cover

7)            51187-YQ2A-0000             Headset Tensioner

8)            51180-YQ2A-0200             Tapered Roller Bearing Headset

9)            51181-YQ2A-0200             Upper Headset Assy.(of Tapered Roller Bearing Headset)

10)         Z-32906X-47-30-12           Tapered Roller Bearing

11)         51182-YQ2A-0200             Lower Headset Assy.(of Tapered Roller Bearing Headset)

12)         51400-YQ2B-0000            Rr. View Mirror Assy.

13)         51420-YQ2B-0000            R Rr. View Mirror

14)         51410-YQ2B-0000            L Rr. View Mirror

15)         51430-YQ2B-0000            Rr. View Mirror Mounting Holder

16)         23810-YQ1A-0000             L Hanldebar Grip (Grey)

17)         51150-YQ2A-0100             Steering Handle Bar (X Version)

18)         23900-YQ1A-0000             Electric Throttle

19)         23820-YQ1A-0000             R Handlebar Grip (Grey)

20)         51195-YQ2A-0000             Washer 1 (Φ34*Φ29*10)

21)         51196-YQ2A-0000             Washer 2 (Φ34*Φ29*15)

22)         B8-001-05-018-F0             Screw (M5*18, with washer)

23)         51190-YQ2A-0000             Handlebar Stem Assy.

24)         51000-YQ2B-0000             Fr. Absorber Assy. (DNM)

24)         51000-YQ2B-0200             Fr. Absorber Assy. (KKE)

25)         51250-YQ2A-0000             Fr. Wheel Shaft (RST)

25)         51250-YQ2A-0300             Fr. Wheel Shaft (DNM)

25)         51263-YQ2A-0300             Fr. Wheel Shaft Nut (DNM)

26)         51000-YQ2A-0000             Fr. Absorber Assy. (RST) White

26)         51000-YQ2A-0400             Fr. Absorber Assy. (RST) Black

27)         54200-YQ2A-0300             Fr. R Absorber (DNM)

28)         54100-YQ2A-0300             Fr. L Absorber (DNM)

29)         52161-YQ2A-0000             Fr. Brake Clipper Bracket (RST)

30)         B3-001-06-018-F0             Screw (M6*18)

31)         54320-YQ2A-0300             Fr. Absorber Seal Assy. (DNM) (Φ46XΦ46X2.2 & Φ49XΦ49X3)

32)         51110-YQ2B-0000             Steering Stem Assy.

33)         51121-YQ2A-0300             Steering Stem Upper Connection Plate

34)         B3-001-05-014-F0             Screw (RST-M5*14) come together with the front absorber

34)         B3-001-05-014-F0             Screw (DNM-M5*14) come together with the front absorber

35)         32280-YQ2A-0300             R Fr. Absorber Protection Plate (DNM)

35)         32270-YQ2A-0300             L Fr. Absorber Protection Plate (DNM)